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>> moi rarely a the best
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thing about my life is i have wonderful friends in many of them are here in bet one of them is this brilliant individual not to in the british sense but in the american sense, eric has written a groundbreaking book of the muslim brotherhood it is called the brotherhood of america's next great enemy. i am a very slow reader but i went through which in one afternoon because i could not put down it is such a page turner. number one at throughout the books on the middle east in reverting to show how this organization established 1929 has managed to infiltrate into various capitals throughout the western world and
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unfortunately in drone in under the obama is administration metastasized and has been influencing our corridors of power so without any further ado 12 introduce you. [applause] >> they do sarah for hosting this event the endowment for middle east truce does such wonderful work during capitol hill i work at her as a modern day esther or debra as such a time as this to say god for sarah and thank you for having me here in thank you for going through the book in one afternoon. [laughter] when you get up done with the book you don't lead to look at it you spend a year with it i think people are
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reading it. in fact, i know they are because this is the first book since the so-called era of spring broke out that gets into detail about the main player in the arab spring that i refer to as the islamist winter in the book. actually i have to say i don't know why we have this event because the moslem brotherhood is done. they are gone. there a lot of power in egypt and freedom have to worry about them any more. there in the ash heap but if only it were so. the muslim brotherhood has been down this road before. in the early 1950's the muslim brotherhood, the leaders were killed killed, executed, imprisoned cover the group was the land for decades the headquarters in cairo was burned to the ground it completely suppressed by the egyptian military like now but like
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vampires they refuse to die. there back in they came back so far they actually seize the reins of power in egypt for one year. thank god it was only one year but it appears our administration is already wistful for that one year of muslim brotherhood rule. [laughter] that one year as a matter of fact, this still something about the muslim brotherhood in the totalitarian fanatics they are, during the year in power mohammad morsi he and his minions basically chose to enforce sharia law, and harassing jews in persecuting christians over feeding their people. it is interesting we have the largest demonstration in human history when route long dash morsi was ousted then people like we voted for him one year ago. that says egypt right now is a schizophrenic society
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practically on governable. two 1/2 massive revolutions in the span of just two years. it tells you when your stomach is crumbling you will get into the streets to protest. lot of the people i am sure probably agreed with his vision sharia and all one dash sharia law if you like it or not but egypt right now it is the most influential the most populous arab nation they could be on the brink of famine or starvation and their economy is in the toilet. tourism which is the life blood is done with all the chaos. so overseer so why we should care about when happens over there i did not believe they
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will go quietly. think about it. they went 84 years a and waited and waited a and moved in the shadows to gain power in egypt. 84 years and they finally got it. their vision of the sharia states had aggression against the west about to become to fruition in the restoration of the caliphate and after one year it was suddenly and violently wrenched away from them. does anyone in this room, a thank god by the way does anybody really believe the muslim brotherhood will say we gave it a good shot. we tried democracy. we gave it a sporting chance but we will be back next year. does anybody believe they will go away quietly? remember the model, the funding model of the muslim
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brotherhood, i have studied this group for 12 years to the point i can recite the founding lotto in my sleep but i have nightmares it reads in part, the essence of this group jihad is our way. dying in the way of all law is our highest hope. i repeat jihad is our way not a spiritual yoga, and military conquest is our way in their reason for being in dying, martyrdom, a suicide bombings is our highest hope this is who they are. i am from philadelphia we say it is what it is. that is what they are. when those leaders darken the halls of the white house or congress meeting with foreign leaders, they still lived by this model. it has not changed.
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jihad is our way. this is who they are. with a model like that with a group that glorifies a murder and mayhem even though they wear expensive are money suits which we will discuss you think they will go away quietly? there are groups better even more radical and that says something. the brotherhood already be at a spokesman and last week saying we are willing to die for our cause they're also calling for a protest at the american embassy in cairo. the last time there was the islamist protest it was stormed on the anniversary of 9/11 in the black flag of al qaeda was raised above that and morsi was strangely silent until he was pressured by the obama is administration that you are making us look bad remember by the infamous cairos speech when might administration personally
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requested that you be there? we wanted them brotherhood there you are the future in egypt, you make me look bad says president obama and now apparently we want them back. we're sending a message the administration said it just just a day they talked about the ending the sale of these f-16s to the military imposed that deal off the table because morsi was so rude the eyeshadow and heaven forbid the military says we dylan the brotherhood involved in the next government that'll hold she hoggish reelected of. but the administration said no, no, no you must have the brotherhood in fault don't you know, they are moderates? they're democrats. [laughter] in fact, they wear a suit and tie and speak in moderate tones and bourke-white charming --
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look quite charming. they have operatives around the world i have travelled and then in their homes and artists -- offices and mosques and enclaves in i can tell you they are good. they are bad but they are good at what they do. of the wavy hair, a designer eyeglasses, or one the suits they support democracy they will keep the peace treaty that not israel even the most moderate muslim brotherhood calls of the zionist entity they say all the right things and if you are a naive western leader or journalist if you sit down with these guys you really will to like them that they seems a reasonable maybe we could use them as a counterweight to the really bad guys of al qaeda.
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their job blowing anybody yet but the palestinian laky is tomas has self identified the muslim wing of the but they are just killing jews even though they kill american citizens. they say we can work with them to say all the right things. this is a disastrous policy in so many ways. it has gotten us into hot water right now. why every american is watching now listening right now needs to know about the muslim brotherhood. without the birth of them in egypt there would be no war on terror right deal. without them there would
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have been no 9/11. that may shock some people a and i say it without hesitation in reservation. this is the granddaddy of them all with modern islamic terrorist groups. they spawned al qaeda they created a loss. it is no coincidence the men behind a 11 osama bin on in solitary, before they joined al qaeda guess which group they belong to? the muslim brotherhood. leeson gentleman i am here to tell you it is the gateway drug to islamic terrorism and jihad if you want to understand and they have going on in the world right now? why we are up against the war with the existential struggle of the judeo-christian civilization and? items saying that in the capital and they don't like
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to hear that but that is what is going on. >> guest: to understand what we're up against you have to understand this group. is started with them and to be very politically incorrect which i have no problem with, they have theological ammo to back up the ideology and that is a fact. so the founder forms a group george gilder 28 in egypt is crestfallen in devastated that the islamic caliphate has collapsed. what is that? the caliphate is a united muslim state every muslim nation united economically economically, politically, m ilitarily speaking with one strong voice that u.n. against america and israel controlling a good supply of the wheel in perhaps zero
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wheel. and perhaps if pakistan or iran went to join the club. this is what you have this is why it was founded in their essence to revive the caliphate. it was a greek tragedy in 1924 when the caliphate collapsed it existed under the turkish ottoman empire is a bad thing. that is why what they want to restore it i had interviewed the of grants and the apple does not fall far from the tree chapter 3-d title is called a history of violence. not of moderation or dialogue and diplomacy, of violence. jihad is our way and they have stuck to it from the beginning giving speeches imploring followers to
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sacrifice their lives for all of. nothing is higher than martyrdom into the consciousness of the followers to start off with seven people and in a back room somewhere else and then they had between 1 million or 2 million members in 20 years became the most powerful in organized force in egypt in the most radical. from the beginning understand caliphate absolutely another vanguard nor a bedrock to their ideology. not just the state of israel but the jewish people as a whole. every jew walking the planet the motherhood -- the brotherhood would like to see eradicated you think they can be seriously of
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meticulous detail how leaders throughout the past eight decades have talked about eradicating the jews. one example one-man the most influential islamic cleric in the world the spiritual leaders -- leader and i have met people who'' yusef for native and his ally:if he said our battle is not just against the state of israel or between egypt and israel or a certain nation state but between all jews and all arabs and tell the day of judgment comes in the jews will be wiped off the map. it is not the it is the most influential world wide figures today to say it if you don't believe me that of
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book is meticulous slifer noted it is a funny thing when you poll people out of their balls and also because when people tell me they want to kill me in the jewish people i believe that midday take them at their word. hiller said the same thing he was ignored and blown off and he tried to make it a reality -- reality they try to enforce policies of their loan year of tyler -- power to make it a reality from the beginning they collaborated with the nazis with hitler's minions in war machine to extend the final solution to the middle east and north africa to eradicate the jews collaborating closely with the not see our new alrich partners participated said the italians to assist in the invasion of the state of
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israel the brotherhood was on the ground by the early 1950's they wanted the power in egypt yasser arafat had other ideas stephen he was threatened by the vision of the muslim brotherhood in ' tim in the book that they wanted to shut down movie theaters in cover women from head to toe it was horrible they wanted to share power until they got full power of course. they were crushed and their early fifties locked up not before they reach through with assassinating the egyptian leaders in the prime minister causing a wave or a campaign of terror and by the way in the 1930's and '40's burning synagogues to the ground harassing the
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jews in the streets and publishing not the style propaganda and you wonder why morsi and you may not know this he joined the muslim brotherhood according to his wife not in cairo but here while he was a student at university of southern california but don't worry or be alarmed but they're not here in america. [laughter] even though their presence in 80 countries around the world. duty stare squashed in egypt and make the mistake is a big setback but this is a global movement and it has staying power. by the way why you should
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care what happens over there? perhaps they don't go quickly here it is a serial. suppose they target the suez canal with oil passes through every day suppose they shut it down what happens when you go to the pump every day to the global e economy? you feel less than the american people don't care what gm kardashian is baby is named suppose they kerry added tax in the sinai peninsula pfiffner importers israel and over the past year strangely enough it did
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increase under morsi just a coincidence i am sure indent the attacks launched into israel on a regular basis. if the egyptian military does not want to get a handle on that hopefully the military does if there is a major attack israel may not stand pact ended there is a regional conflict you will feel it if israel is forced to defend itself because right now it is like crushing israel in the middle and a regional war is coming. is it time to speak out and tell the truth. [applause]
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especially here in the west capital people need to hear. i see is spilling over. on one hand they see al qaeda in their associates on either hand ec syria, has the law in a and lybrand in to where they are killing each other have added. i am devastated by a the humanitarian disaster scenario it is horrific but when our greatest enemies have the guns trained on each other? let's see how this plays out. that is my impulse i care
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about american interest first and i personally don't say in -- seeing interest to intervene between the hottest book that is my personal opinion. sorts of educated. syria, egypt and iran nuclear weapons program is the three triggers of course, it by iran wants to activate his block with the aim did every inch of the state of israel they are inclined to do so. thank you. if you think things will be quiet in the middle east and if you think they will flare up and we will broker peace, but think again. before it gets better, it will get worse john kerry for a into diplomacy notwithstanding.
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so t kerry for a into diplomacy notwithstanding. so the likes of the muslim brotherhood you have to understand they can't, they can strike a peace treaty with israel because then they're not the muslim brotherhood this is the bedrock of their existence. mohammed morsi was captured on video three years ago calling jews the sons of eighth set and p.i.g.s. a and egypt the zionist entity there could never be peace with israel and in that same speech mohammad morsi talked about boycotting america u.s. goods to talk about the zionist and american enemies that is how you and i argued by the muslim brotherhood.
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is interesting now we will cancel the sale of those f-16s the time we should have done it is when morsi was in power. i am sure he just wanted those for a deterrence. whether redoing? thank god you are gathered here at the capitol today. we have to tell the truth in speak about this because of the one dash muslim brotherhood is year i am not trying to scare you about the boogeyman under the table a document their documents. wrap your head around this, our government has the muslim -- muslim brotherhood strategic documents in its possession the equivalent to
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having the not see game plan during world war ii in 2004, a 10 minute drive from where we're sitting right now just outside of washington d.c. the fbi conducted a raid of a home loss operative go well maintained a suburb beneath his basement was in headed and the subbasement this house very james bond but stick with me because of the basement our own fbi discovered the boxes of official muslim brotherhood documents. quite a find, written in arabic. when they were translated translated, it turns out
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they provided the game plan for the muslim brotherhood in america. when was entitled the explanatory memorandum and i am paraphrasing. in it and die'' it said the muslim brotherhood is year " to destroy western civilization from within. by its own miserable he and were the final words. drearier to destroy western civilization from within the last of mileage to wrestle leader for now. -- the last time i looked, we were the leader for now. this says these are our friends and the
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organizations of all were friends. these 29 groups, it is not be but the muslim brotherhood and i have to tell you one group was called the islamic society of north america. isna for sure -- for short mjeed is the name you need to know his father was the leader in sudan now majeed pushes the agenda in washington d.c.. leader of the scripts that the muslim brotherhood then named in their own documents. and one of our favorite outreach partners to the west government isn was indicted as a co-conspirator of the largest terrorism financing trial in american history. so is the council of american islamic relations
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this whole alphabet soup that they believe their way to the forefront i have interviewed moderate mitt you have to observe my face said disguise my voice because i am scared because my family will kill me if i say this. you don't know the muslim brotherhood are the gatekeepers at the american loss. have interviewed people in the boston area he said it started out moderate and all of a sudden muslim brotherhood came in to provide their ideology and slowly, slowly, slowly muscled us sell in their followers came then all of a sudden it is a brotherhood mosque. i document in the book this
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is the game plan for america. it is a three-pronged strategy and we know this from their own documents did i mention our government has these documents in its possession? instead of crushing this anti-american group opposed to every value we hold the year we empower them. why? . .
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